Below is a list of equipment and resources I use in my daily work.

Computer Equipment

  • Intel Pentium-based PC
  • Intel centrino-based notebook (allows me to take my work with me wherever I go).
  • Multifunction laser printer/copier/scanner
  • High-speed Internet connection at home; HSDPA mobile Internet connection outside home


  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software: SDL TRADOS 2007, Wordfast, Déjà Vu, Idiom
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Adobe Reader, and etc.

An extensive array of dictionaries (traditional and digital) in my specialisation areas and beyond.
The Web, incl. Search Engines

I am an advanced Google user. If it’s available on the Web in English or Indonesian, I’ll find it.

About Computer Aided Translation Software

Computer Aided Translation (CAT) Software (also called Translation Memory Software) stores all translations I have previously done for you.

When I receive new files to translate from you, the files are first analysed using the CAT software to make sure I only translate, and you are charged for, new content.

The followings are the key benefits of using CAT software:

  1. Increased consistency/quality. By displaying previous translations for similar sentences, and offering a special search feature called Concordance, CAT software helps preserve consistent terminology, phrases and style with previous translations.
  2. Faster job completion. A 10,000-word document may take three working days to complete if it is translated from scratch. The same 10,000-word document may take as little as one working day to translate if, for instance, it is the user guide for a new product, and I have already translated previous user guides for the product family for you.
  3. Money savings. The rate you pay for your previously translated content is usually lower.