Listed below are the key brands and text types that I have dealt with over the 10 years of my freelance career. I have translated more than 6,000,000 words to the complete satisfaction of my clients.

  1. APC product presentations, white papers
  2. Bose user guides (approx. 20,000 source words)
  3. BusinessObjects software (approx. 40,000 source words)
  4. Canon user guides (approx. 120,000 source words)
  5. Corel software and online help, tutorials, user guides (approx. 100,000 source words)
  6. Dell sales presentations (approx. 20,000 source words)
  7. DHL sales force training, service brochure (approx. 25,000 source words)
  8. Epson user guides
  9. HP Web content, user guides, product brochures (approx. 150,000 source words)
  10. IFS online help, documentation (approx. 700,000 source words)/li>
  11. IBM software and online help (approx. 330,000 source words)
  12. Motorola user guides, product brochures (approx. 40,000 source words)
  13. N-Gage Web content, user guide, product brochures (approx. 40,000 source words)
  14. Nikon Web content, user guides, product brochures (approx. 65,000 source words)
  15. Siemens user guides, press releases
  16. TetraPak operation and maintenance manuals (approx. 250,000 source words)
  17. Thomson product catalogues
  18. Xerox product brochures